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●10 usd will buy 01 school unifrom and shoes in a year 10 250 2500
● 10 usd will provide books for 01 student in a year 10 250 2500
● 20 usd will provide therapy  and rehabilitation service for 01 student in a year. 20 250 5000
● 20 usd will provide to 01 student transporting cost for regular schooling in a year 20 250 5000
● 40 usd will  provide all the educational expenses 250 student for 6 month 50 250 12500
● 50 usd will provide for assistive device like wheelchair, white cane, Walking frame, Crutch, smart cane  etc for 250 student in a year 50 250 12500
● 70 usd will provide 01 student nutritional tiffin food for 01 year 70 250 17500
● 70 usd will provide for hygienic product and stationary at 250 disable children 01 year 70 250 17500
Total 1,22,500.00


Bank Information:

The financial matters are handling with special care and due accountability .All financial transactions and accounts are maintained systematically and through a bank account. All the Grants are handling through Bank account . SMSS have a Bank account with Name of Organization.

Account Number : 6111901012069
Bank Name: Sonali Bank Ltd. Tungipara Brance, Tungipara, Gopalgonj, Bangladesh
Swift Code :BSONBDBH

Routing Number: 200351096
Branch Code: 109


We are very much grateful to our partner /donors contributor for our implementing project activities through financial and kind support.Those are –INC USA ,Jatio Protibndhi Unnoyan Foundation, Ministry of Social Welfare, Govt. of Bangladesh and Directorate of Primary Education , Govt of Bangladesh . We are also thankful Ministry of Health and family welfare, National Forum of working organization withdisabled (NFOWD) for information services on Child rights and disability issues.

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