About Us

Brief history:

SONAKHALI MANOBKOLLAN SEBA SANGHA (SMSS) has been established in  1999 as a non-profitable non-government  charity organization, with development orientation aimed at serving  distressed humanity being inspired by the universal value. As a development partner of Bangladesh government the organization was registered with the department of social service, GOB in 2010 and the NGO Affairs Bureau, Prime minister secretariat  in 2019. Most of the people live in rural area .They live in under development situation .They always embraced with poverty .the government initiative is not available for our under developed economy . So we need most to make people more conscious and to alleviate poverty to having participation of NGO and donor agencies is essential .

Year of Establishment: 1 January 1999


Sonakhali Manobkollan Seba Sangha are addressing, illiteracy, Intellectuality, poverty, unhygienic and risk of disability. In context of Bangladesh, Disability are deep rooted and complex problem. According to WHO. about 16 million people are disable in Bangladesh and the rate of prevalence is increasing day by day. In Bangladesh 80% people living in rural area and most of the disable Children also live in rural areas. Disable children are living with most underprivileged, Disadvantaged and vulnerable groups in the community. They are neglected and deprived of most of their basic human rights. Negative attitude of the comunity, lack of awareness, lack of scope and facilities of education of children with disabilities have significantly increased the number of the child with disabilities in the community. According to socio-economic structure Disable Children are mostly dependent upon their Family and family is consider them as a burden. Lack of awareness of Children with disabilities right of participation and accessibility in the community are out of the development process by their families and communities. Children with disabilities are consider as a stress of their families. They do not have access to schooling, go to outside and involved in community activities. As a result Children with Disabilities and their family suffer from Inferiority complex and exclusion of Daily living activities. Children with disabilities are the worst sufferer as without proper education. They fail to realize their potential and unable to contribute in community as well as national and International development process.


Community based rehabilitation is a recognized approach to solve the problem. Illiteracy, Intellectuality, poverty, unhygienic and risk of disability will be solved by this project. It is established that disable person have enormous potentials. To achieve a better life and contribution to the community, those potential of disable person could be explored and utilized properly in a planned way, so that they are Integrated to the mainstream development program of the nation. By focusing on quality of education, appropriate therapy approaches, proper health and nutritional foods, and mobility, they could achieve different abilities. Proper Education and training grow up as a productive resource of the community. This project empowering 250 disable Children living remote areas as a Global citizen.


Sonakhali Manobkollan Seba Sangha will educate 250 disable Child under this project. Under this project 250 Children with Disabilities will received educational support, Therapy facilities, counseling services , Interested to education, increasing attendance in the school, reduce drop out from school and empowerment. Children with disabilities will have access to mainstreaming and increasing acceptance in the community and grow up as a valuable resource. Illiteracy, poverty, unhygienic and risk of disability will be solved by this project. This project fulfill the fundamental needs of Children with disabilities and meet with the Integrated special education system.

Vision of the Organization:

SMSS has been working with the vision to promote development programs in the community to improve the overall socio-economic and cultural condition of the disable , most disadvantaged childre , adolescent, of the community. Special emphasis is given on preventing disability, ensuring maternal child health, adolescent family life education and reproductive health education, awareness on Sexual Abuse , and HIV/ AIDS and its prevention , restoration of child/ human rights and human resource development. SMSS have been trying to implement action programs with the active involvement and participation of the community people. SMSS aspire for a suppression free society with prosperity, peace and equity where all people could get proper opportunity and equal rights to develop.

Objectives Of the Organization:

1. To reduce poverty through capacity building and appropriate livelihood support for the poor persons with the disabilities,
2. Implement programs to promote health, education and socio-economic development of the most disadvantaged, vulnerable groups and the disabled people;
3. To contribute to overall development of Bangladesh through achieving the targets of the SDGs.
4. Undertake programs for prevention of disability in the community;
5. To provide special assistance to orphans, widows, refugees and destitute section for their self-reliance and
6. To conduct Research to find replicable and innovative models for better improvement of our development activities
7. Provide emergency relief materials to disable, destitute and disadvantaged children and their families of any catastrophe
8. Advocacy and lobbying with the policy makers, local authority and the elite groups to restore the rights of the disabled children and persons;
9. Operate the activities with Marginal community in order for taking the marginal and disable community in to mainstream development activities of the society.
10. Take action to prevent the loss due to Climate Change and others natural calamities and operation relief Program combat then on urgent need Basis.
11. To assist toward livelihood and food security create the provision of self employment among the target peoples.
12. Women development.
13.Disaster management and climate change activities.
14. To increase disaster awareness and preparedness at the disaster-prone area, reduce suffering of disaster victims and help them to recover normal life with emergency relief and rehabilitation.

Legal status of the Organization.

SL no Registration Authority Registration No. Registration Date
01 Directorate of social services, Govt. of Bangladesh No- Gopa 664 Date 01/03/2010
02 NGO Affairs Bureau for foreign donation received.
Govt. of Bangladesh
3212 Date -23/07/2019



SMSS Goal is to improve the ultimate socio-economic and cultural condition of the community through the development of the mostdisadvantaged, vulnerable people, women, children and the people with disabilities to ensure their equal rights and opportunities forparticipation in the mainstream development.